July 15, 2013

Many people experience dry eyes to some extent throughout their lives. At the Cornea Consultants in Arizona facility, we advise our patients to be mindful of the different situations that most likely trigger the symptoms of dry eyes and to try and avoid them whenever they can.  In this entry, we have enumerated some tips that could be useful in preventing the occurrence of dry eyes.

  • Try out wraparound sunglasses or eye shields. They may not be the best fashion statements, but they will help protect your eyes by blocking dry air and wind from getting into your eyes by creating the same effect that swim goggles do with the water when you go swimming.
  • Increase your environmental awareness. Try to be mindful of places that can have dry air that can inadvertently affect your eyes. Whenever you go to these places, it might be helpful to close your eyes frequently, even for a few minutes, to help reduce tear evaporation.
  • Use a humidifier to add much-needed moisture to the air around you
  • Try positioning your computer for a laptop screen a little bit below your normal eye level. This will allow you to reduce the tendency of opening your eyes wider to see the screen, as opposed to having it higher, and slows down the evaporation of tears.
  • Quit smoking because smoke makes the symptoms of dry eyes worse. This means that you will have to avoid being exposed to smoke as well.
  • Whenever you can, try to avoid any form of moving air or drafts from blowing directly into your eyes. This includes car heaters, hairdryers, fans, or even air-conditioners. This will cause tears to dry out and worsen symptoms of dry eyes.

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