August 31, 2014

Some people prefer to wear contact lenses than prescription glasses. Of course, contact lenses do not block the view and can improve eyesight at a 360-degree angle. However, others shy away from getting contact lenses because of their dry eye condition. Some people experience this condition more often than others and are afraid their situation might worsen when they wear contacts.

Although contact lenses are indeed capable of drying the eyes, it is possible to prevent this from happening. If you have dry eyes syndrome, you can still wear contacts and enjoy better vision when you apply the following tips.

1. Visit a reputable eye doctor.

We at Cornea Consultants of Arizona are qualified to check your condition and suggest the appropriate contacts to address it. Schedule a consultation, have your eyes checked, and know which lenses are right for you.

2. Choose the right contact lenses.

There are certain types of contacts that are designed for individuals with dry eyes. Particularly, you can choose watery contact lenses. This type is equipped with high moisture levels that will help address your eye’s need for moisture. When you have dry eyes, these lenses work better than the regular ones in the market.

3. Carry eye drops with you all the time.

When you have dry eyes, you can be prone to getting them especially when you wear lenses all day. A good solution to this is to carry eye drops or artificial tears in your bag in case your eyes feel dry. This will lubricate the eyes, keep them moist, and avoid any pain from occurring.

Dry Eyes / External Diseases in Arizona 

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